Author: Carlos Rhodes

Travel To Germany

Germany is one of the countries in the world that has been through a lot of pain and suffering and thus it tends to stand out as one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Bordered by the Baltic Sea to the north and the towering Alps to the southern part this country is dotted with a number of churches, museums, shops, pubs and other entertainment hubs that make this a wonderful country to visit.

There are a lot of places for aspiring tourist to visit when in Germany. From the Romantic Wine Valleys to the museums and the elegant shops everything is available in this majestic country.

Let us take a quick glance at some of the places which are worth visiting:

Starting at the extreme north, you will find the country bordered by the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. It is out here that the famous cities of Hamburg and Bremen are situated. Hamburg is one of the most important seaports and is home to a number of elegant historical structures. In the city of Bremen one can find numerous galleries, restaurants and museums and also the Roland Statue. Berlin the capital of Germany is not a city to be forgotten. Since the times of old this city is home to some of the plush and luxurious places of interest like pubs, nightclubs and eateries. This city boasts of a vibrant and pleasing atmosphere dotted which is complimented by the combination of art, history, entertainment and architecture.

In the middle of this country is situated the financial capital known as Frankfurt. It is one of the most important cities in this country where trade and finance is concerned. The western cities of Bonn, Düsseldorf and Cologne etc have a hint of the French mixed in them as they date back to the reign of Charlemagne.

There are a number of other places like: The Rhine, Potsdam, Bamberg, Trier, Berchtesgaden and Wurzburg which are home to some of the most splendid and unique entities of history and architecture.

Munich and Stuttgart are also some of the fine cities present in this country. Munich is the capital of the federal state of Bavaria and is famous for the Oktober fest and entertainment hubs. Stuttgart on the other hand is situated in the western interior of the country and marks the beginning of excursions to the Black forest region.

Passport and Visas:

Visa is required by almost all the tourists who visit this dominating nation except for a few citizens of the countries that are specified on travel sites related to German tours and travel information. The exempted categories of tourists are basically citizens from the EU nations. Students need to produce a visa on entry into the country but do not need to posses any other type of visa. Business permits, work permits need to be produced when demanded and care should be taken by all tourists to make sure that they possess the necessary documents and proof before embarking on a holiday to this nation.

The Travel Destination

From the coast of the Baltic Sea to the north the high slopes of the Alps to the south, Germany looks like a small village landscape that is dotted with a series of entities that make it a beautiful place to visit.

The country of Germany has a rich and varied history marred by many good and bad deeds that led to the unification of the two states of Germany in the last few years. Due to this Germany is home to a number of special and beautiful places where each of them has something unique about them while compared to the remaining locations. The region’s traditions and styles are reflected in every corner of the country right from the churches to the pubs on the street corners.

The country of Germany offers to the tourists about 16 places that are worth visiting which provide ample entertainment where forests and natural life is concerned.

The famous fairytale road is situated in the northern part of the country and is decked with a number of white sand beaches with a sprinkling of casino resorts and seaports. Hamburg known as Germany’s gateway to the ocean is home to a number of elegant and splendid shops, restaurants and historical monuments that are worth visiting.

The capital Berlin is one of the most visited locations in the whole world and in home to an assortment of nightclubs, museums, monuments and locales.

The business capital of this country is situated in Frankfurt which is situated in the middle of the landmass. Due to the wholesome use of technology, brightness and vibrant lifestyle this city is known as the most Americanized city in the whole of Germany. Extraordinary cities are seen in the eastern part of the country and they are home of many historical as well as modern places of interest.

Valleys and mountains and forests are all part of the lucid landscape that dominates this majestic land. The Black forest is situated to the south while the towering Alps are in the northern corner of the country. The city of Freiburg is the capital of the Black forest and is famous for the magnificent cathedral which is an example of exemplary gothic architecture. The ‘Romantic wine valleys’ like the Rhine Valley and the moselle Valley attract tourists in large number mainly due to their beauty and extravagance complimented by wine as well as song. The Ahr Valley, the weser Valley, the altmuhl valley and the Neckar Valley are some of the beautiful places worth visiting.

Though Germany is a most traveled destination the climate out here can be unpredictable. The usual months of travel are during the months of May to September when the summer season is on. During the summer season travelers can enjoy outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, camping, etcetera. However one can never be sure about the wet and cold weather in this country. The weather between the months of November and early May tends to be freezing while rain can be expected at anytime of the year.

How To Play It Safe While In Germany

You are tourist and you are in Germany. You are checking out a zillion places and also sampling amazing delicacies and guzzling the local beer by gallons. Everything seems perfect? Well it has to stay that way and in order to do so you have to know a few safety tips while you travel to Germany. These safety tips are going to make sure that you are secured. In order to stay cool you have to check and follow all the tips and also keep all of your senses open.

Germany is one of the safest places in the world and is one of those rare places where you can actually walk around at night without feeling unsafe from any angle.

It would be wrong to say that Germany is absolutely crime free as this nation does have its share of criminals. However, rest assured since most of the German streets are safer for tourists. There aren’t many drunken hooligans on the streets and even if there is a high intake of alcohol here, the locals are all fun drunks. They like to sing and link up instead of getting violent and breaking bottles on each other’s heads!

The police as well as the administration here are pretty much efficient and would help an average tourist. A lodged complaint by a foreign tourist is taken up quite seriously.

Apart from the safety issue it can be said that Germany is a clean and healthy place and is a nation that does adhere to the adage of ‘cleanliness is next to god’.

The municipalities of every part of the German nation take care of the garbage and maintain the city in a proper shape. The residents of the places are also mature and ethical enough to keep their city clean and do their bit to the ‘cleaning’ contribution. Health insurance, food as well as water are of high quality and would never fail to impress you. As a tourist you would like the kind of hospitality as well as clean services that are meted to you. The nation is devoid of any deadly animals and insects and even the dogs are bound to wear muzzles. The traffic is superb and all the vehicles do wait for the pedestrians to cross. IN case you love cycling around the place then you would be glad to find paths of bicycle on almost every city street.

Now that you know all the basic safety guides that are prevalent in Germany you mustn’t roam around in a drunken stupor and the big city stations can be a little too unsafe for a tourist at times.

Precautions even if in lesser amounts must be taken. It is advised that you do not wander off to absolutely lonely places unaccompanied. You should be blending with the locals and going where the crowds are. Crime cases of the tourists are pretty rare and aren’t usually the ones that make headlines. However following a few little safety tips and undertaking necessary precaution does help.

The Smart Decision

Germany is one of those European nations that have had a long historical past. The rich cultural heritage as well as the excellent historical background makes this country very popular among the tourists and there are hordes of them traveling several kilometers to visit here. This is also one of the most advanced nations in the world as per as technology is concerned and there are several amazing music festivals that take place here too. So the wanderlust inside you is slowly rising isn’t it? Or has it absolutely grasped your senses so much that you wish you would have just packed your bags and went off for Germany? In both the cases you do need to know a few things about traveling here and a few necessary tips are surely going to help you.

First and foremost you got to decide as to when you wish to travel here. We are talking about the climatic conditions and the weather. It’s best to travel to a foreign nation when there is a perfect weather there which benefits the tourist. There are a few things apart from that which are to be kept in mind by the traveler. The basic essentials have to be kept in mind and the factors of moving, eating and sleeping need to be promptly taken care of.

In case you wish to hitchhike your way to your destination then this option might work or might not depending on the situations. In such a situation you could travel by the bus or by the train but be alarmed that the trains here are a bit expensive especially the Intercity Express. The cheaper trains are mostly the regional trains and you got to know a lot about them.

Food is yet another extremely important factor and has to be kept in mind by the tourists. Nowadays eating out becomes a bit steep on an average pocket so in that case you could always check out fantastic supermarkets that offer food items at slashed down prices. You can easily stock whatever you need from these places for later usage. However in case you do feel a little ‘loaded’ then you can also check out restaurants or eating out places while in Germany as well.

You as a traveler would surely be looking for a place to crash in and it’s best to either book a hotel in advance or ask the local people about an inn. Frankly the average people of Germany are friendly and they would surely be glad to help you in case you do need information about hotels, tourist lodges and inns. In that context it can be said that the Germans are also open and broad minded people who are hospitable to people irrespective of their different socio cultural backgrounds or even their sexual orientations. So it is advised that you as a traveler must know the art of networking and implement it completely while in this fantastic European nation. You have to keep aside or rather absolutely trash your preconceived notions and set afoot in Germany. You would be surprised and that’s a promise!

Important Cities Of Germany

The fair land of Germany is in no way devoid of any sort of travel attractions. The cities of this nation more than make up for the tourist looking to check out newer places as well as newer attractions. The nation of Germany comprises of a wide array fantastic cities and all of them are different from each other. Let us now shed some light on a few of the important cities of Germany.

Berlin– the capital of Germany is a hotbed of activities and boredom is a word that is quite unknown here. This is perhaps the most cosmopolitan city of Germany and is a place that has a long and illustrious historical background. This is a city that boasts of state of the arts museums, fantastic skyscrapers, excellent restaurants and amazing art galleries. This was once upon a time a location of the Cold war and today stands as one of the most enhanced and advanced cities of the world. Thus as a tourist you mustn’t miss out on this city if you wish to have a complete tour of all the German cities.

Hamburg– This is a northern city of Germany and is one of those rare cities that provides a tourist with a fascinating and quite rich contrast between trades and the media.

Munich– Moving on we find the wonderfully artistic city of Munich which has gained a huge degree of popularity among the tourists. This is the place where the world famous Oktoberfest take place. The city also has moderate climatic conditions and has warm summers whereas the winters are all snowy and cold. Moving towards the northern part we find the fantastic restored town of Nuremberg as well as the city of Heidelberg that lies to the west and is an absolute favorite among the tourists.

As has been mentioned before, the nation of Germany doesn’t have any dearth of fantastic cities that never fail to awe and inspire us. The German city of Frankfurt is the financial hub of the country yet retains characteristics that can make a tourist visit it. Cologne is yet another fabulous city and much like its moniker is surely going to leave you refreshed with its very lively nightlife. The modern nightlife of this city matches well with its old town charm and the twain create such a contrast that can be simply called charming. The other cities of Germany where you can visit as well as have a good time are Freiberg, Leipzig, Rostock, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Fulda, Dresden and Lübeck. Trier is also a fantastic tourist spot that attracts a lot of tourists especially during the holiday season. The cultural variety of each and every city is going to leave you breathless and is going to fascinate you to the core.

To think of it, this is a nation that has cities of almost all kinds. Be it the historical ones where the tourists can have an outlook about the past or the modern ones which never sleeps. There is something for everyone right here in the cities of Germany.

Eating Out While Traveling To Germany

Germany is an oft visited place and there are thousands of tourists coming here from every part of the world. Apart from having amazing technological advancements and also having some of the most beautiful museums in the world, this is a nation that also lives to eat! This is a place for the true food lovers and in case you are one of those food aficionados who consider food and drinks to be the most important part of a travel plan then all we can say is you have landed in the right place. Germany provides a tourist with amazing gamut of food and drinks and is a European nation that puts foods and drinks in the ‘Very Important’ category. In other words you could say that this is a land where a foodie and a connoisseur of wines would feel like they have reached seventh heaven. The taste of the German people varies from location to location and people of the north eat differently from the north just like the people from east differ from the west side people in matters of culinary choices. As a tourist this spells out good news for you as you get an opportunity to enjoy all the cuisines that you feel like.

It has been observed that the people living on the northern side of Germany have more fishes as well as seafood as compared to the people from other parts of Germany. The northern people usually have lighter meals. As a tourist you are recommended to check out the Pilsner beer and Grog as well as rum in the winter season. Moving towards the western part of the nation you will find delicious black pudding and pork knuckles. You need to have the Röggelchen which is a local delicacy and is a type of bread made from rye that also has Gouda cheese as well as mustard. The mussels from Rhine River make for an interesting treat just like the Sauerbraten beef that is braised. A dark beer namely Alt is also available here and should also be sampled by you.

The south western part of Germany has its share of delights too and the local diet comprises of Spätzel noodles and Knödel that is made from the potato dough. The beer is highly recommended as it’s one of the best of its kind in Germany. A local dish known fascinatingly as Pfälzer Saumagen can be tasted by you. This is stuffed stomach of a pig that has its share of admirers. Wines like the Moselle have also acquired popularity here as well.

In the parts of Bavaria the food system gets even more serious that is more good news for you! Pork roasts, veal knuckle and the strong Weissbier is also available here. Other kinds of popular foods here include Eisbein or the pork shank, Roulade that is rolled meat, sausages, and sweet tasting red cabbages. So go on and indulge highly in an eating spree while in Germany since the specialties found here aren’t going to be starved on your plate on a daily basis.