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Important Cities Of Germany

The fair land of Germany is in no way devoid of any sort of travel attractions. The cities of this nation more than make up for the tourist looking to check out newer places as well as newer attractions. The nation of Germany comprises of a wide array fantastic cities and all of them are different from each other. Let us now shed some light on a few of the important cities of Germany.

Berlin– the capital of Germany is a hotbed of activities and boredom is a word that is quite unknown here. This is perhaps the most cosmopolitan city of Germany and is a place that has a long and illustrious historical background. This is a city that boasts of state of the arts museums, fantastic skyscrapers, excellent restaurants and amazing art galleries. This was once upon a time a location of the Cold war and today stands as one of the most enhanced and advanced cities of the world. Thus as a tourist you mustn’t miss out on this city if you wish to have a complete tour of all the German cities.

Hamburg– This is a northern city of Germany and is one of those rare cities that provides a tourist with a fascinating and quite rich contrast between trades and the media.

Munich– Moving on we find the wonderfully artistic city of Munich which has gained a huge degree of popularity among the tourists. This is the place where the world famous Oktoberfest take place. The city also has moderate climatic conditions and has warm summers whereas the winters are all snowy and cold. Moving towards the northern part we find the fantastic restored town of Nuremberg as well as the city of Heidelberg that lies to the west and is an absolute favorite among the tourists.

As has been mentioned before, the nation of Germany doesn’t have any dearth of fantastic cities that never fail to awe and inspire us. The German city of Frankfurt is the financial hub of the country yet retains characteristics that can make a tourist visit it. Cologne is yet another fabulous city and much like its moniker is surely going to leave you refreshed with its very lively nightlife. The modern nightlife of this city matches well with its old town charm and the twain create such a contrast that can be simply called charming. The other cities of Germany where you can visit as well as have a good time are Freiberg, Leipzig, Rostock, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Fulda, Dresden and Lübeck. Trier is also a fantastic tourist spot that attracts a lot of tourists especially during the holiday season. The cultural variety of each and every city is going to leave you breathless and is going to fascinate you to the core.

To think of it, this is a nation that has cities of almost all kinds. Be it the historical ones where the tourists can have an outlook about the past or the modern ones which never sleeps. There is something for everyone right here in the cities of Germany.

Eating Out While Traveling To Germany

Germany is an oft visited place and there are thousands of tourists coming here from every part of the world. Apart from having amazing technological advancements and also having some of the most beautiful museums in the world, this is a nation that also lives to eat! This is a place for the true food lovers and in case you are one of those food aficionados who consider food and drinks to be the most important part of a travel plan then all we can say is you have landed in the right place. Germany provides a tourist with amazing gamut of food and drinks and is a European nation that puts foods and drinks in the ‘Very Important’ category. In other words you could say that this is a land where a foodie and a connoisseur of wines would feel like they have reached seventh heaven. The taste of the German people varies from location to location and people of the north eat differently from the north just like the people from east differ from the west side people in matters of culinary choices. As a tourist this spells out good news for you as you get an opportunity to enjoy all the cuisines that you feel like.

It has been observed that the people living on the northern side of Germany have more fishes as well as seafood as compared to the people from other parts of Germany. The northern people usually have lighter meals. As a tourist you are recommended to check out the Pilsner beer and Grog as well as rum in the winter season. Moving towards the western part of the nation you will find delicious black pudding and pork knuckles. You need to have the Röggelchen which is a local delicacy and is a type of bread made from rye that also has Gouda cheese as well as mustard. The mussels from Rhine River make for an interesting treat just like the Sauerbraten beef that is braised. A dark beer namely Alt is also available here and should also be sampled by you.

The south western part of Germany has its share of delights too and the local diet comprises of Spätzel noodles and Knödel that is made from the potato dough. The beer is highly recommended as it’s one of the best of its kind in Germany. A local dish known fascinatingly as Pfälzer Saumagen can be tasted by you. This is stuffed stomach of a pig that has its share of admirers. Wines like the Moselle have also acquired popularity here as well.

In the parts of Bavaria the food system gets even more serious that is more good news for you! Pork roasts, veal knuckle and the strong Weissbier is also available here. Other kinds of popular foods here include Eisbein or the pork shank, Roulade that is rolled meat, sausages, and sweet tasting red cabbages. So go on and indulge highly in an eating spree while in Germany since the specialties found here aren’t going to be starved on your plate on a daily basis.